Entry #1

Joining Newgrounds

2015-04-27 18:08:02 by lhugueny

Hi folks!

My name's Logan, I make cartoons and music for a living. Been uploading content to YouTube for years now, and I'm hoping to start doing the same here on Newgrounds, especially considering how much time I like to spend here watching all the amazing animations this community makes. Thanks for checking out my page :)

-Logan (lhugueny)


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2015-04-27 18:44:10

Please don't take offense when I say this, but if your going to be uploading here then PLEASE don't upload those horrible songs. Your CoD VS FNaF video wasn't half bad, infact, it was pretty good! But those songs you make are horrible. It's your decision if you want to upload songs or not, but please, for the sake of many of us, don't put those here. But again, it is YOUR choice.


2015-05-05 15:42:55

Great now actually start making something funny